Thank You

Letter To You WilliamTorresArte_MumaDoesa_1302

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my friends, family, and supporters of my music.
It’s been an eventful, and dramatic year for me, and every kind word and support
really means a lot, so I wrote a poem to say thanks to y’all x

I feel the words reverberating from my screen,
into my mind,
then through my heart and into my soul,
Like notes of wishes that came true,
after my lyrics were written for you,
To heal, to wake up, to uplift and unite,
For the pain, the confusion, the struggle, the fight,
All the early mornings,
sleepless nights – Wondering why,
every breath, tear, and sigh,
Ever reaching high,
through the darkness for light,
Striving for our dreams to be realized,
We’re here together, and all rushing around trying to get by,
This is for you, for helping to keep me inspired
Thank you x Photo by William Torres


Muma Doesa – Ms. Fortune

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Muma Doesa is an emcee/vocalist performing live in Melbourne since 2004, both solo and with Blunt Paper Massive, has just released her solo album, Ms. Fortune.

muma doesa

Ms. Fortune is a fresh perspective on Hip Hop with Soul and Reggae influences. On the title track Ms. Fortune Muma Doesa tells honest stories of personal struggle and discovering her family history on her travels. The majority of the mixing and cuts where handled by DJ Rellik at Turnstyle Records.

The album features Ruth Rogers-Wright, Zee, Dunna, Vytal One, Baptiste, Jess Harlen and Jowah. You can pick Muma Doesa – Ms Fortune for digital release or hard copy CD now.

Purchase  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter

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G*E*D feat. Psycho Les of The Beatnuts + Muma Doesa (Brooklyn Bollywood Remix)

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Brooklyn Meets Melbourne

In this meeting of the rhymes, Melbourne’s own Muma Doesa appears on the official Australian Remix of Brooklyn Bollywood with New York based Collective G*E*D + Psycho Les of The Beatnuts, which is produced by DzILLA.

ged Muma Doesa

Stay Tuned for the next remix produced by DJ Rellik (Turnstyle Records, Australia).

Muma Doesa  ||  Got My GED

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“Protective” $ervice Officer


Hello officer,

I need to ask YOU some questions,

Doesn’t your girl give u enough affection?

Is that why you wave your arms to get my attention,

Or is it my complexion?

What do you see when you look at your reflection?

What service do you offer for my protection?

Explain how you’re practicing crime prevention

Or is harassment your intention?

I see you talking to me from the corner of my eye,

But  my headphone volume is high,

I’m not oblivious I’m ignoring you – get it right,

Now leave me alone, I’m having a good night.

Muma Doesa ©2013


Untamed Hearts – Muma Doesa ft. Jess Harlen


Black eyeliner tears down my face like warpaint,
seems I’m a soldier of love like Sade.
Maybe I should cut and run,
Just like my mum back in the day,
taking 3 kids while dad was away.
In the hot water imagining,
I’m reaching out to you,
try to send a message but I can’t get through.
Our untamed hearts are not meant to be apart,
Sometimes our fiery tongues burn,
And we need time to learn,
what it is about we,
that inspires such poetry

Lyrics by Muma Doesa
Produced by Pataphysics
Cuts & Recording by DJ Rellik
Keys by Drewcifer
Video directed, produced, shot & edited by Shuttermain.
Filmed January 2012 in Melbourne , Australia



A poem inspired by a total stranger saying nasty thangs about my hair for no reason (this happens quite a bit)

I love my natural hair,
So take your hatred elsewhere,
It won’t change, no matter how long you stare,
I dare to wear it natural without a care,
You say its like wire,
You want to set it on fire,
So I tease it up higher and Higher and HIGHER
It’s the kind of hair you might see on a flyer,
Natural as papaya,
So why , huh?
Why, why yah
got to put it down when it wants to inspire,
If you say its ugly,
I believe you’re a liar,
My hair could hide a pair of pliers,
Fight fires, tame tigers,
Rescue Deep sea divers,
Its alive, and its mine,
so you know it’s fiery,
It’s irie, desired, refined, yet wild,
It has the soul of a child,
It does you no harm,
So be kind -biatch! © Muma Doesa 2013
Photo by Quashani Bahd © 2013